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  • As a broker insuring maritime workers compensation under the Long Shore Act, USL&H, I often encounter prospective customers who have been told by employers that now “they are independent contractors” and will now have to obtain their own workers compensation insurance. The department of Labor has certain tests for who is and who is not an independent contractor. The below article is by Aaron Holt and Nandini Kavuri who practice at the law firm Cozen O’Connor who specialize in admiralty law. I hope you find the article useful. Regards, Gene Horton

  • There are many opinions on the effect of the “Costa Concordia” disaster. I came across this article by Greg Knowler  article on “size matters” and found it to be right on. Greg is Editor and Publisher of Cargonews Asia, a Hong Kong based transport and logistics magazine.  I have several experiences to compare to but the best one is my navy experience on aircraft carriers. My ship, with four thousand men all young, fit, experienced and accustomed to shipboard life had regular abandon ship drills. Getting everyone to their abandon ship station was still a lengthy process.
  • The continuing problem in Maritime Workers compensation

  • I found this article in Marine Professional, one of my trade magazines. It is a great example of the behind the scene activity in the oil trade business and a good example of how even the big players can overlook important details and wind up losing massive amounts of money. The important thing to understand that in any bulk trade, it is impossible to get all of the cargo off the ship. Not only will the shipper wind up short, he/she will often get the bill for cleaning the cargo holds or tanks afterwards. This is a bit of a brain teaser, have fun.


  • Because of the high cost of buying USL&H insurance it is understandable that many businesses without any employees but themselves look for ways to avoid having to buy the coverage. One very troublesome misconception is that if the worker/contractor is sixty-five years of older he/she doesn’t need to buy the insurance. I have had several customers tell me “they don’t need the coverage because
  • Some of the world’s most influential maritime organization have created a campaign to raise awareness regarding the social and economic cost of piracy and urge international government to take a firmer stand against increasing Somali pirate activity in the gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean.

  • Chris Ellison, Captain on the yacht “Invader” was kind enough to pass this handy information along.

  • Little by little, courts have been moving the territory (situs) further and further offshore. Please see the full text.
  • The Effects of the Deepwater Horizon Disaster Just Starting!

  • Whenever possible I like to give our friends and customers updates on what is happening in the insurance industry as far as changes, available and cost are concerned. This article is from one of our very knowledgeable underwriters that specialize in marine insurance. LIG Marine regularly send us updates and I am happy to pass on anything that will help our customers and friends better understand the driving forces in insurance costs and therefore be better prepared deal with these critical coverage's. I hope you find this article interesting and useful.

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